Wow. The Mets just had a telephone news conference to announce what Jose Reyes' agent, Peter Greenberg, called "the best possible scenario." And that scenario calls for Reyes to be shut down for...two-to-eight weeks, in order to let his thyroid levels return to normal.

Shut down for two-to-eight weeks. Not "Returning to game action in two-to-eight weeks."

As Peter Boyle's character on "Everybody Loves Raymond" routinely said, "Holy crap!"


1. This is obviously a huge blow to the Mets, who wanted so badly (and so unhealthily) to get off to a good start in 2010. They're nowhere near as good a team without Reyes, and you have to wonder whether this will impact the Mets' clubhouse and front office even beyond the tangible measures. This is not a stable organization right now.

2. Communication once again became an issue, and it's up for question as to whether a doctor in the process gave out bad advice. First of all, the Mets would've been better off waiting until the examinations had finished before releasing information, as they did on Tuesday. And Greenberg clouded up the issue, too, by telling reporters that Reyes should be good to go.

Second of all, Greenberg said that Reyes exercised earlier this week, after getting the green light to do so. But the final tests showed elevated thyroid hormone blood levels, whcih could have gone up more as a result of the exercise. That needs to be scrutinized further.

3. But let's make clear: Above all, this appears to be sheer bad luck on the Mets' part. I mean, elevated thyroid levels? Who gets that? Multiple doctors have indicated that it's unlikely that HGH usage caused this, so don't bet the bank account on that one.

4. Minaya mentioned the name of Ruben Tejada, when discussing contingency plans for shortstop. The Mets should definitely try playing Tejada the majority of the time, with Alex Cora contributing. Tejada has considerably more upside, particularly on defense, than Cora.

Mets fans, you don't have it easy, for sure.

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In other news...

--AOL Fanhouse reported the long-anticipated news that Kevin Towers will join the Yankees' front office, next week. Towers is one of Brian Cashman's best friends in the industry. In joining the Yankees, he hops aboard a situation in which he will not be regarded as a vulture hovering over a GM in trouble, which is important to Towers. He'll get another GM opportunity sooner than later.

--Don Mattingly admitted that the Dodgers have spoken to him about managing. But as Jon Heyman reported yesterday, Joe Torre is in no hurry to step down. None whatsoever.