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What was your first baseball experience?

A young fan and a Mets employee watch

A young fan and a Mets employee watch the Mets play the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium. (April 25, 2008) Photo Credit: RJ Mickelson

Do you have a love affair with baseball? Newsday wants to know. What was it about the first baseball game you remember going to? The green grass and blue wall at old Yankee Stadium. The apple rising at Shea Stadium after a Mets home run. “Pea-nuts! Get’cha pea-nuts!” Ebbets Field. The Polo Grounds. Learning how to keep score.

We’re asking you to share your early recollections of going to a game — not so much the details of who won or lost, or what happened on the field, but moreso the overall experience. The anticipation, your first glimpse of the stadium, the sights, the sounds, the smells of the game.

What was it that hooked you?

Share your stories in the comments below and look for the best ones in Newsday’s 2011 Baseball Preview Section on March 30.

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