Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

World Series Game 1 in review

Off the game, I wrote about how human Cliff Lee looked. What, you thought I was going to write about Freddy Sanchez?

Can you imagine how it would go down a year from now if the Yankees do sign Lee - and I'm starting to waver on that a little - and he helps the Yankees get back to the World Series, and then he pitches like that in his first Fall Classic game as a Yankee? Shoot, in the wake of the Yankees' ALCS loss to Texas, I've heard some fan rumblings that "CC Sabathia hasn't made any good postseason starts for us."

Sabathia has a 3.10 ERA in 52 1/3 postseason innings for the Yankees.

Lee just didn't have it. I don't think I've ever seen a team smoke pitch after pitch ilke the Giants _ the Giants! _ did. Tom Verducci has a good breakdown of Lee's pitch usage, and how his breaking stuff wasn't working.

--I was waiting at Lee's locker after the game, so I missed Ron Washington's post-game media session. I couldn't believe when I heard what he said about putting Vladimir Guerrero back out in rightfield for Game 2. Asked if he has to "reconsider" the idea, Washington responded, "No, I don't. A couple balls got by him." Ay yi yi.

I haven't heard such understatement since Bart created a fake boyfriend for Mrs. Krabappel, arranged a date and then watched her sit alone at a restaurant and cry and then say, "I can't help but feel partly responsible," in this episode of "The Simpsons."

--When my 7-year-old son called me at 8 a.m. New York time to say hi, he asked the question boys and girls of all ages: "What the heck was Tim Lincecum doing on that play?" That would be the first-inning play when, with runners on first and third, Lincecum grabbed Nelson Cruz's dribbler down the third-base line, saw Michael Young too far off third base and...chased Young back to the bag, without actually trying to get him out.

Lincecum addressed the play in his very first post-game comments, saying, "Yeah, a little bit of a brain fart there, not really knowing the situation." 

--The atmosphere at AT&T Park was sensational. The fans here are so ready for a parade, just like the fans in Texas. One of the quirks of the ballpark is that fans walk by both teams' clubhouses en route to their seats/exits/what have you; at most places, the clubhouses are in a basement. So as we were waiting for the Rangers' clubhouse to open, an endless procession of Giants fans walked by, looked at us and said some variation of, "Go Giants!" or - deciding that if we were waiting to talk to the Rangers, then we obviously were Rangers fans - "You're going down!"

 --I'll be writing a "World Series Insider" the night of each game, and I led the initial one with thoughts about Sandy Alderson. I'm going to try to get on a red-eye flight tonight to attend Alderson's news conference tomorrow at Citi Field, although the logistics and some shaky weather might prevent that from happening.

--Bobby Valentine is speaking with the Brewers, still, about their managing job. I remain skeptical that this will work out, but I think it would be an amazing move by Milwaukee if an agreement can actually be reached.

--Speaking of former players wanting to join the management side, Barry Bonds says he wants to be a hitting coach. My goodness, would that be hilarious...

Pablo Sandoval: Hey, Barry, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any thoughts?

Barry Bonds: No.

(curtain closes)

Where did I get that last link? It was on Twitter, which is just as hip in San Francisco as it is in New York.

--All right, I'll check in later from the ballpark.

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