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World Series Game 4 in review, Reggie Jackson and instant replay

There's something very cool - soothing, even - about being at a World Series that's tied at 2-2, as this one now is after Derek Holland's virtuoso performance last night.

When a team grabs a 3-1 lead and you don't have a rooting interest, as should be the case for all media, you're thinking, "All right, if this gets wrapped up in five, then I can go home. Don't have to do that last leg for Games 6 and 7."

But when it's 2-2, the first time we've seen that since 2003? You book your flight back to St. Louis, in this instance, and you strap yourself in. Might as well go seven at this point and have ourselves a classic Fall Classic.

It has been so far.

For my column, I wrote how hitting Mike Napoli eighth turned out, somehow, to be just the right move for Ron Washington.

There are few managers I've enjoyed covering over the years as much as Washington. He is truly unique. Many of his decisions are head-scratchers, but he explains those decisions with such conviction, and I think that confidence carries over into the clubhouse. Most of his players seem to love playing for him because they believe in his commitment.

--Earlier yesterday, I spoke with Reggie Jackson, who welcomed Albert Pujols into the very exclusive club of guys who have hit three homers in one World Series game.

--Before the game, Bud Selig and Joe Torre discussed instant replay, and the fact that it isn't coming any time soon. I fail to comprehend how the leaders of a sport can sleep at night knowing that their jewel event was dramatically impacted by an officiating error that a) was so blatantly wrong and b) could be remedied so easily. But that's what's happening, so I guess I need to work on my comprehension skills.

--Have a great day.


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