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Yankees-Mets Subway Series tickets selling like cold cakes

Subway Series ticket sales info, via TiqIQ.

Subway Series ticket sales info, via TiqIQ. Credit:

The cost of going to a Mets or Yankees game is what it is nowadays, but the price on the secondary market for Mets vs. Yankees is changing. And it's changing in favor of the fan. Well, sort of. Subway Series tickets on the secondary market are still above face value, but they're cheaper this year than they have been in the past four season.

The combined average price for the four-game Subway Series (May 27-30) this year is $133 as of Monday, according to, a ticket reseller that aggregates ticket prices across multiple secondary markets.

That's down 13 percent from 2012, 19 percent from 2011 and 34 percent from 2010.

You can attribute that to any number of factors, including:

-- Mets' on-field performance

-- Lack of star power on Yankees' active roster (Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira, Youkilis on DL)

-- Economy and personal finances

-- No weekend games (although the May 27 game is on Memorial Day night)

-- Four games instead of six

Or maybe the appeal of interleague play has dwindled even more this season with there being an interleague series nearly every day since MLB moved the Houston Astros to the American League to create two 15-team leagues.

Still, it's an interesting trend. Here are a few more such nuggets on ticket info, via TiqIQ:

-- Game 1 at Citi Field (Memorial Day night, May 27) is commanding the highest average ticket price at $184.

-- Game 2 at Yankee Stadium (May 30) has the cheapest overall ticket average of $126.

-- The cheapest ticket, as of Monday, was $30 for the two games at Yankee Stadium.

-- In the past four years, the most expensive average ticket price was $255 (Citi Field, 2011), and the cheapest was $99 (Yankee Stadium, 2011)

And there's the premium, you know, the price over face value of the ticket, that you're paying on the secondary market for Subway Series games.

-- Citi Field tickets carry a 120 percent premium this year, down 20 percent from last year.

-- Yankee Stadium tickets carry a 9 percent premium this year, down 11 percent from last year.

By the way, Matt Harvey pitches for the Mets this Wednesday (May 22). The Mets are off on Thursday, and if they stay in their five-man rotation, Harvey would pitch Game 2 at Citi Field on the 28th. If the Mets stay on a five-day cycle with Harvey, he'd go Monday the 27th at Citi.

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