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Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia does the Harlem Shake

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia throws the ball during

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia throws the ball during spring training. (Feb. 12, 2013) Credit: AP

What happens when you mix Yankees ace CC Sabathia, a Segway, and a bunch of friends and family members (one of whom is dressed in a pink suit)? You get a Harlem Shake video.

Sabathia posted a YouTube video on Tuesday of himself, friends and family partaking in the latest Internet sensation.

The lefty pitcher can be seen riding around on a Segway motorized vehicle while other people ride inflatable whales, jump on top of a minivan and wave crutches in the air.

Sabathia's video follows the trend of Harlem Shake videos floating around the Internet, in which one person dancing amid an otherwise routine backdrop to Baauer's "Harlem Shake" gives way to an all-out dance party.

Watch the video below and see the craziness for yourself. Our friends on the mobile app can watch the video at

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