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A few pitching questions (not Vazquez)


          Good point by Erik Boland after last night's game: It's easy to fit the 8-2 loss into the template of Another Bad Game By Javier Vazquez. And it's true that he was not good. But it was it really an utter relapse into the malaise?

         Maybe, maybe not. He's going to have to live with tha kind of speculation until he has a stretch of consistency--stringing together a few games like he had against the Mets. As Erik pointed out, he did get a little better as the game went on this time  and the problem seemed to be a different one, his breaking stuff.

       Anyway, the Yankees still were in the game, down 5-2, until Chad Gaudin gave up the three-run bomb to Jason Kubel.

        And Gaudin looked like he was going to be a hero, what with that good, tough out he got on that grounder by Michael Cuddyer in a jam. Face it, weren't we all ready to jump into the template, Gaudin Pitches Well With the Yankees Under Eiland?

         His return to the club prompted the Yankees to send down Boone Logan, leaving Damaso Marte as the only lefthander in the bullpen, for whatever that's worth. Then again, was Logan really a lefty you could count on it a tight spot? Evidently that's what the Yankees believed.

           Joe Girardi asserted that Alfredo Aceves is not going to have back surgery any time soon, but it doesn't look like Aceves will be pitching any time soon, either. That could prove to be a bigger question than what's going on with Vazquez. It looks like the Yankees will be shopping for bullpen help. Baseball people do say that middle- to setup relief pitchers seem to be the most expendable in the offseason and the most valuable commodities at the trading deadline.


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