Alex Rodriguez said it looks like he'll be meeting with the feds sooner rather than later.

“My attorneys are working with authorities right now as we speak on scheduling issues and I intend to cooperate in this manner,” Rodriguez said this morning in the clubhouse.

Rodriguez said the preference is to have investigators come to Tampa. An option could be the off day the Yankees have scheduled for Monday, though with A-Rod unlikely to make the nearly three-hour trip to Viera, Fla. Friday to play the Nationals, that could be another option as well. 

“The idea is to schedule something that allows me to cooperate and also get my work in,” Rodriguez said. “Obviously doing it here would be fantastic. That’s what they’re working on right now.”

*** Johnny Damon spoke for nearly 25 minutes with New York reporters before today's game in Lakeland, a game he's sitting out after, um, stubbing his toe. He said he has no bitterness toward the Yankees for how things ended, though it's clear he's still somewhat surprised that things didn't work out.

"We kept talking until January," Damon said. "Alex [Rodriguez] had me call all the people, just to give them one last shot. I thought we were making progress."

Damon smiled.

"A lot of wasted time on the phone is what it was," Damon said. "I was trying to do what I could. I talked to Hal [Steinbrenner] and the minute he said it’s not going to work out, I said OK, thank you. So at least we tried and they’re sticking to their guns with what they’re doing and I’m OK with it."

Damon said at some point over the winter he also spoke with Brian Cashman and Randy Levine.

"I definitely felt like they were positive talks, it was just seeing what more they could get for the budget and there was nothing left in the budget," Damon said. 

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But, as Damon said, "I'm on the wrong side of 35 I guess. Or 33. But I'm OK with it." 

*** Damon, as mentioned, is out of today's game for the Tigers. Austin Jackson, dealt along with Phil Coke to the Tigers in the Curtis Granderson deal, is hitting leadoff.  For the Yankees:

Granderson cf

Johnson dh

Teixeira 1b

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Cano 2b

Thames rf

Gardner lf

Rivera c

Vazquez (Jorge) 3b

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Pena 2b