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A-Rod: I'm cleared

Cleared from needing anymore surgery on his hip, Alex Rodriguez said today at the Stadium. Rodriguez, along with CC Sabathia, were here for the Curtis Granderson press conference, as well as the Yankees annual food drive which was taking place outside.

After Rodriguez underwent surgery on his hip last spring training, it was "80-20" at the time, A-Rod said, that he would need more surgery this offseason.

But Rodriguez recovered faster during the season than had been anticipated and he said after an evaluation in Vail, Col. with his surgeon, Dr. Marc Philippon, he received word Monday morning that he was good to go.

“I would have probably ended up having surgery today at 9 a.m. if the results were not good,” Rodriguez said. “But basically he was very excited. We took the MRI, he examined me and said no surgery needed.”

Rodriguez said he started throwing Wednesday and had the "green light" to begin his offseason conditioning program in full.

Rodriguez was given periodic off days off last season to keep him fresh and said he doesn’t expect that to be necessary this year.

“Ideally we won’t have to worry about that,” Rodriguez said. “But I think overall you still have to be aware of the situation…But for me, having one winter of my regular offseason workout routine would certainly help my conditioning and playing daily.”

As for Granderson, he received jersey No. 14 as Joe Girardi will be using No. 28. That, of course, could change after the season if the Yankees capture a second straight World Series. Granderson did want to keep his previous number but once informed of the new tradition Girardi had established, “I thought, ‘Let me back away from that.” he said with a smile.

“I know how tradition is and superstition is [here]. I didn’t want to mess with that.”

Granderson, an ambassador for MLB International, said it is a tradition that is recognized almost everywhere.

“One thing that I’ve learned over my world travels – being in China, being in Africa, being in Europe, Latin America – when you mention Major League Baseball it’s not as recognized everywhere in the world,” Granderson said. “But when they do and the people that do talk about it [baseball], the Yankees are the first team that comes up. To get a chance to be a part of that now and to say, ‘Hey, I play for the Yankees,’ fans all over the world know that, there’s no question…they know the Yankees. I never knew this day would come but there’s no question I’m excited about it.”




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