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A-Rod: no shoulder strain

A report on Sunday night stated Alex Rodriguez had been playing with a “strained” left shoulder the last couple of weeks, but Girardi and the third baseman said it was nothing more than the typical wear and tear players absorb during the season.

“You go through regular bumps and bruises in a long season,” A-Rod said. “That’s just another small example of it. But for the most part it felt pretty good.”

Girardi said A-Rod “put a little heat on it,” as treatment but that there were no tests performed on the shoulder, nor were there plans for any.

“He’s fine,” Girardi. “I mean, he’s a little sore, I think it’s from diving he told me. But it’s nothing serious.”

Rodriguez said he had been getting heat treatment on the shoulder for about 10 days.

But “it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” he said. “Just the bumps and bruises of a long season. Nothing that jumps out at me.”


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