Good Morning
Good Morning

A-Rod not A-Yard

Seventy-nine players have hit more home runs this season than Alex Rodriguez, who is struck on eight. Let's say his off year in the power department continues [it was evident before his groin issue] and he ends the season with 25 homers, which is starting to look like a reach. With a $33 million salary, that would average out at $1.32 mliion per homer.

A-Rod has 591 career homers. Project that to 608 by season's end. That would leave him 154 shy of tying Baryy Bonds, the tainted HR king with 762.  At 25 per season, A-Rod would need six years to reach Bonds. If he's on the power decline at age 35, he could very well  stumble to that finish line. If at all.  

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