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Good Afternoon

A-Rod Quest for 600: Birthday Edition

Alex Rodriguez connects for his 600th career home

Alex Rodriguez connects for his 600th career home run against Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum. (Aug. 4, 2010) Credit: Christopher Pasatieri


-No. 600 evades A-Rod once again, Indians defeat Yankees 4-1.

-Josh Tomlin (1-0) wins major leage debut defeating C.C. Sabathia (13-4).

-Rodriguez went 0-4 in four at bats with no strikeouts.

-His most serious threat for No. 600 came in the Top of the 7th, when A-Rod sent Shin-Soo Choo back to the right-field warning track for a deep fly-out.

-A-Rod grounds out with two on and two out in the ninth to end the game.

His 600th home run would have tied the game for the Yankees.



Hey everyone, here with the latest edition of E-Boland and the Bombers Live Blog tracking A-Rod's quest for his 600th Home Run. We will be providing live updates during each one of Rodriguez's -- who is 35 as of today -- at-bats throughout the course of the game.

To start, here are some vitals on Rodriguez, as well as links to various 600 home run clips, articles and videos.

OK, links are about to come. Be sure to check back periodically throughout the night as the game (eight other Yankees will be taking the field as well) is now starting. For now here are the vitals:

A-Rod Vitals for tonight:

-Batting cleanup

-Playing third base

- .277 average, 16 home runs, 81 RBI's on the year 

-.370 average, 5 home runs (1 Yankee), 15 RBI's lifetime on his birthday

And... as for the game and the other 17 Yankees and Indians taking the field in Cleveland:

Cleveland (43-58): Josh Tomlin (Major League Debut)  vs. Yankees (63-35): C.C. Sabathia (13-3, 3.18 ERA)


Others 600th home runs:

Sammy Sosa

Ken Griffey Jr. 

Barry Bonds

And here are some more A-Rod links, starting, of course, with...

A-Rod's first home run, while with the Mariners

A-Rod's 500th

Here is last night's A-Rod live blog

Today's column from Newsday's Mark Herrmann and his take on A-Rod's home-run numbers

A view from the bleachers of A-Rod's 15th inning walk-off vs. the Red Sox just shy of a year ago

No. 599

Rodriguez passing Mark McGwire

9th inning game-tying homer vs. Twins: ALDS 2009, game two



UPDATE Top of 2nd: A-Rod leads off the inning with the game scoreless. Against the brand new big leaguer, Rodriguez...

-Takes the first pitch for a ball

-Swings and misses at the second pitch

-Swings and misses at the third pitch for strike two

-takes a breaking ball outside to even the count at 2-2

-on the fifth pitch grounds out to the shortstop for the first out of the inning

Five pitches and no No. 600 for Alex during his first at-bat



UPDATE Top of 4th: After Derek Jeter singled to start the inning with the game scoreless (the Yankees first hit of the night), Nick Swisher made out. Mark Teixera then flew out to center-field. Rodriguez then...

-took a first-pitch strike with Jeter at first and two outs

-took a high fastball to even the count 1-1

-went around on a check-swing for a strike, count at 1-2...

... UPDATE Mid 4th: Alex Rodriguez will lead off the start of the fifth inning as Derek Jeter was caught stealing at second for the third out of the inning. A-rod was mid at-bat with the count at 2-2.



UPDATE Top of 5th: A-rod will lead off the inning, the Yankees now down 2-0. The Indians scored two runs in the midst of Rodriguez's at bat against C.C. Sabathia. Rodriguez...

-In one pitch Rodriguez grounds out, after a more than 20 minute interval between his fourth and fifth pitch in the at-bat. Through two at bats, no No. 600. A-Rod: 0-2



UPDATE Top of 7th: With the Yankees down 4-0, Rodriguez steps to the plate with two outs and Nick Swisher on third base after a Teixera out. Rodriguez...

-takes the first pitch for a strike

-takes the second pitch for a ball

-With the count at 1-1, Rodriguez swings and misses at a fastball down the middle. Looked like Rodriguez was going for the fences.

-At 1-2, A-Rod sends a deep fly ball the opposite way, but Choo tracks it down just shy of the warning track.

Through three at bats, Rodriguez is 0-3 against the rookie Tomlin, and the Yankees trail 4-0. Still, no No. 600



UPDATE Top of 9th: No No. 600 tonight -- A-Rod goes 0-4 and grounds out with two on and two out  in the ninth to end the game. The Yankees lose 4-1. No. 600 in that situation would have tied the game for the Yankees. In his last at-bat A-Rod...

-takes the first pitch for a strike

-grounds out to the shortsop on the second pitch.

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