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A-Rod relieved that 'choker' moniker is history

Alex Rodriguez celebrates in the Yankees' clubhouse after

Alex Rodriguez celebrates in the Yankees' clubhouse after winning the World Series. (November 4, 2009) Credit: Getty Images

Never again - well, at least probably never again - will Alex Rodriguez have to deal with accusations that he can't excel in baseball's postseason. It's clearly a relief for the game's highest-paid player.

In an interview with YES' Kim Jones, A-Rod revealed how much the "choker" moniker bothered him as he followed a weak end to his 2004 October with a bad 2005, a horrid 2006 and a mediocre 2007. His superb 2009 postseason - 19-for-52, six homers, 18 RBIs in 15 games - helped the Yankees win a title for the first time since 2000.

"It was good because I was so tired of hearing that," A-Rod said, as per a transcript provided by YES. "I mean, it was, it was exhausting, to be honest with you and, you know, it was so frustrating to go in every postseason with all the expectations and ambitions to do well, and three, four games [later], we were right back in Miami and to our prospective homes and it was frustrating, painful.

"And, for me, I was just so tired of the whole 'unclutch' thing. It was just, you know, very annoying, but to come over and be part of a championship team and get some of the biggest hits of my career and to deliver for my teammates when they needed me, that certainly feels really good, and I'm very relieved."

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