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A victory caps off a special day

So much going on today at the Stadium -- starting with George Steinbrenner getting the first ring of the day in his private box, presented by Joe Girardi and Derek Jeter, to the on-field ceremony to Gene Monahan's participation to Hideki Matsui's return to, oh yes, the game itself.

"You look back to days like today, you remember days like today," Jorge Posada said. "To be able to grab another ring is very special to me." 

Derek Jeter meant no slight to any other team but said no organization seems to pull off days like this like the Yankees.

"Opening day is always special and I don't want to disrespect any other organization but it just seems like opening day here is that much more special," Jeter said.

Made even more so with the rings, the first of which went to Steinbrenner.

“To present him with the ring, you know how much winning means to him, that’s the only thing he cares about…that will be the thing I take the most from today,” Jeter said.

For Posada it was Monahan.

“Gene Monahan is a special man,” Posada said. “He cares for everybody. He’s the best. He has worked on a lot of people and he keeps us on the field. We need him to be there. It was really special to see him out there…I got emotional when he was emotional because I know how much he wanted to be here.”

For everyone, the curtain was officially drawn on 2009.

“We can finally close the door,” Teixeira said. “And we should have celebrated today. We should have celebrated last year because of all the work and it doesn’t happen every year. Only one team out of 30 gets to get those rings on Opening Day. So we celebrated today but now 2009 is officially over and we can now really concentrate on the season.”


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