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Acta: Carmona was wild

Managers Joe Girardi and Manny Acta had to be separated during a heated exchange in a fracas that caused both the Yankees and Indians benches and bullpens to clear in the second inning of the Yankees' 11-7 win in the Bronx on Friday night.

The eruption began after first baseman Mark Teixeira was drilled in the back by Indians starting pitcher Fausto Carmona, right after Curtis Granderson's solo blast that gave the Yankees a 4-0 lead.

Teixeira immediately sprung up and screamed at Carmona. Girardi appeared to follow suit, which drew the ire of Acta. "He was defending his player, I was defending my guy," Acta said. "It was quite simple."

Carmona did not speak with the media but Acta pleaded his case, citing his lack of control the entire game. Acta said he had never seen Carmona "so divorced from the strike zone."

Of Carmona's 93 pitches, 45 were strikes. "Forty-five percent of his pitches were strikes and it was OK in the first inning when guys were walking, but when he missed and hit someone, then it's not OK," Acta said.

In the first inning, Carmona walked Derek Jeter, Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez and gave up base hits to Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada as the Yankees built a 3-0 lead. Indians catcher Carlos Santana said he called for an inside pitch to Teixeira, but Carmona lost control.

Do the Indians expect any retaliation in the four-game series? "It's part of the game. It happens. You never want to see anyone get it in the head but, the other team, they want to make their point," Matt LaPorta said. "It wouldn't surprise me if someone else got hit on our team."

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