Instead of flying, the Yankees are taking the train this afternoon to Boston.

Last year they chartered a train to Philadelphia for the World Series. The only inconvenience - to them - was the fact they had to strut their way through Penn Station. But I'm sure it was quite cool for the random folks in Penn Station to turn around and see the Yankees walking through.

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BTW, the Yankees always wear suits on road trips, as per their dress code. They look like they're going on a business trip, which I guess in a way it is.

"Sometimes it’s a little bit easier," Joe Girardi said of taking the train. "Guys like it. We basically get a whole train to ourselves. We don’t have to go to the airport. As far as doing it all the time, I wouldn’t really want to train to central teams, west coast teams, all the way down to Florida, but I think the guys enjoy it."