Good Morning
Good Morning

And that's a wrap

The Yankees finished up their spring 13-15 -- the record really means nothing, of course -- after a 2-1 victory over the Tigers Tuesday. They will fly to New York Tuesday night, then work out at the Stadium Wednesday afternoon.

For Joe Girardi, it was a near perfect camp, up until the injuries to Curtis Granderson and Pedro Feliciano the last few days.

“We were so healthy for so long it kind of bothered me the last couple of days we got some people nicked up,” Girardi said. “I know it’s going to happen and you try to prepare for it but everything was going so well from a health standpoint you felt pretty good about it.”

Granderson said "everything was good" in his simulated game Tuesday and, if he gets through a minor league game Wednesday without any pain in his oblique, he could play in the opener Thursday.

“Every at-bat felt good,” he said. “Hopefully tomorrow it’s the same thing, then I’ll join up with these guys a day late.”

Feliciano, meanwhile, will be out "at least three weeks," Girardi said, with pain in one of the muscles in his rotator cuff.

But given the injury situation at other camps, in the grand scheme things could have gone much worse for the Yankees. Over all, Girardi leaves spring training feeling pretty good. 

“I think we’ve answered a lot of questions,” Girardi said. “I can’t say if we’re going to make a move or not make a move, but I like the guys that we have. I feel good about this team.”

In the last week, players have sensed it's about time to get the games going for real.

"For myself, the biggest thing I fight are my emotions because I’m such a hyper guy,” Nick Swisher said. “When I hear Opening Day, I get all fired up.”

Said Mark Teixeira: “I always enjoy spring training but I think you just get excited about the season during the last week. I’ve never said, get me out here, I can’t wait to leave, but at the same time we play because it counts. We’ve had a lot of work down here and we’ve had a lot of fun. But now it counts.”




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