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Andy Pettitte on his injury status

Before tonight's game against the Angels, Andy Pettitte began a pre-game press conference by saying he felt fine, certainly better than he did when he got hurt in Sunday's game, but that his groin still bothered him when he walked.

On his mindset: “When I hear four to five [weeks], I’m like, ‘Oh, gosh.’ Really I don’t know what to say except I just hope it’s not that long. I hope I heal up quick, I don’t know if that’s realistic. Just got to see how these next few days go and hopefully it gets to the point where I’m not feeling any [pain] in there anymore and they let me go. I also know that you can’t reinjure this thing, so I have to take the time to rest.”

On his work with Yankee head trainer Gene Monahan: “I came in yesterday for treatment and we really didn’t talk about it. Just kind of need to not do anything. I think he did say maybe he could put me in a swimming pool in a couple of more days and see how it feels.”  Pettitte added that Monahan told him to take it easy for seven days.

On his groin pain: “I feel it a tiny bit when I’m walking still. I’ve got to be careful with it.”

On coming back confident: “The only silver lining in all of this is get healthy, you’ll be back for the last six weeks or so. Hopefully I’ll be back here for another push and to win another World Series.”


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