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Angry Bautista unloads on Yanks

Toronto slugger Jose Bautista was already in a foul mood when he came to the ballpark for Monday's game with the Yankees.  According to the Toronto Globe and Mail, an unfounded Web report had linked him to steriod use.

“I haven’t heard it once,” Bautista told the paper. ``Nobody’s said anything to me and I don’t see why they should. Baseball has a strict policy against those performance-enhancing whatever you want to call them.”

Bautista homered off rookie starter Ivan Nova in the third inning. In the sixth, with the game tied 2-2, Nova threw a high pitch that sent Bautista to the ground.

Bautista headed toward the mound. ``I was just trying to see what kind of reaction I was going to get from him,” Bautista said. ``And I was surprised to see he was pretty defiant, he was walking up towards me, flashing his hands up and started yelling.That’s when I felt the pitch was intentional.'' 

Bautista later hit another homer, his major-league leading 40th, to beat the Yankees, 3-2. 

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