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Blowout in Baltimore as Teixeira hits, Hughes wins again and Garnder leaves with sore thumb

Girardi pinch hit for Brett Gardner in the eighth and it wasn’t because the game was a blowout. Girardi said Gardner “dinged” his left thumb, the same one Gardner broke last season.

“He told me it’s happened about 20 times since spring training,” Girardi said. “He’ll take a swing and every once in a while it’s like he dings his thumb.”

Gardner said he was told when he came back from last year’s injury that the thumb would flare up now and again and that it would take a full year, maybe more, for it to feel completely normal.

“It’s just sore,” said Gardner, who felt it during his third at bat. “I don’t really know. When it happened, they said it probably wouldn’t feel right for close to a year and it’s been like 11 months. Occasionally I feel it every now and then and it’s not that bad. It felt a little worse today so I mentioned something to him [Girardi]. Better to be safe than sorry and see it feels tomorrow.”

*** The Yankees had 15 hits, three each from Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano (now batting .370) and Mark Teixeira.

“After you lose a tough game or you’re in a little streak, you want to bounce back as soon as you can and I think it is important,” Girardi said of Teixeira, who went 1-for-14 against the Blue Jays, including a miserable 0-for-6, five-strikeout game Saturday. “Tex is a professional, he’s not going to let it affect him, but as a player you still want to have those bounce back games.”

Girardi talked about some of the mechanical issues Teixeira's been having before the game and the first baseman didn't dispute that afterward.

“It’s kind of like the cart before the horse; is it jumping at pitches give me bad mechanics or is it bad mechanics make you, because you’re off, start guessing?” Teixeira said. “I think the combination of the two is not a good combination but hopefully I’ll be more consistent now.”

*** Phil Hughes, by his own admission not having anything close to his best stuff, improved to 8-1, tying David Price and Clay Buchholz for most wins in the AL.

“It looks better at the end of it but I really felt like I wasn’t on today at all,” Hughes said. “I feel like if I was to evaluate myself without knowing how many runs I gave up and just by the pitches I made, I feel like I shouldn’t have won this game. But I was able to battle as much as I could.”


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