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Boras turning his attention to Damon

Johnny Damon said he is close to a

Johnny Damon said he is close to a deal with Cleveland. Photo Credit: John Dunn

As the Yankees continue to lay low and Johnny Damon remains unsigned, there is continuous speculation – and hope on the part of many Yankees’ fans – that some kind of deal will be worked out to bring him back to the Bronx.

But the reality is the chance of that happening are slim, if not non-existent, and during a recent appearance on SIRIUS XM’s MLB Home Plate channel, Damon’s agent Scott Boras seemed to acknowledge as much. Here was the exchange relating to Damon and the Yankees:

Jim Bowden: “Is the door left open for Johnny Damon to return to the Yankees or has that door been closed?”

Scott Boras: “Well, you know, I think, you know, when you talk about Johnny’s performance and being the top #2 hitter in the game and hitting 24 home runs and scoring 107 [runs] and driving in 82 [RBIs] I just don’t know how a lineup, particularly that has the #3, #4 and #5 hitters that the Yankees have, can not want that player. The Yankees’ position is that they have a budget and certainly I’m not here to fault them. Obviously they make great commitments to their payroll and to their team and their fans. And in the instance of Johnny Damon it was just a situation where, you know, for whatever reason he really wasn’t given an opportunity to return to the Yankees and, you know, he’ll have to just move forward.”

Bowden: “What are his alternatives right now, Scott?”

Boras: “Well, I think the market now after Matt [Holliday] has signed and Jason Bay has signed is starting to come alive because obviously teams are, some of the teams that were interested in those players have been contacting us. And I am in the process right now of turning my attention to Johnny’s situation.”

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