BALTIMORE - Brian Cashman and Brendan Ryan were in somewhat similar positions on opposite sides of the country Tuesday evening.

Cashman was in Baltimore, looking for options to replace Derek Jeter, who would officially be ruled out for the season the following day.

Ryan, meanwhile, was in Seattle's clubhouse, scouring the waiver wire for options to improve his fantasy football team, when he was summoned to the manager's office.

"I thought I got in trouble," Ryan said before Wednesday night's game at Camden Yards. "I know how felt about the fantasy stuff."

But Wedge and Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik called Ryan in to discuss real baseball. The 31-year old shortstop had been traded to the Yankees for a player to be named.

Ryan hopped on a red-eye from Seattle to New York and arrived in Baltimore at around 10:30 Wednesday morning. Less than eight hours later he was playing shortstop and batting eighth. He went 0-for-4.

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Despite the cross-country journey, Ryan was chipper as he met the New York media for the first time. "I didn't want to waste a minute," said Ryan, who slept on the plane. "I've got plenty of energy. I've got reserves."

Ryan, a .238 career hitter, is known primarily for his glove. A runs saved metric developed by Baseball Info Solutions rated him as baseball's best defensive shortstop for 2011 and 2012.

Ryan was offered few chances for defensive wizardry Wednesday night but did cleanly field some routine grounders.

Cashman called Ryan, ineligible for postseason play because he was acquired after Aug. 31, "by far the best option" to help the club. He indicated that Ryan and Eduardo Nuñez would split time, with Ryan getting the majority of starts behind groundball pitchers.

"But who knows?" Cashman added. "[Mark] Reynolds played himself into a much bigger role because he's swinging the bat so well."

Ryan called filling in for Jeter, whose locker sat next to his, "an unenviable position," but said he looked forward to playing meaningful baseball.

"I just went from a whole bunch of games back to right into the race," Ryan said. "To go into this situation makes it all the more fun. Im super excited to be a part of this team."