KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Reggie Jackson apparently has served his penance and could be back with the Yankees as soon as this weekend.

"He isn't banned so whenever," GM Brian Cashman said in an email Tuesday.

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Jackson had been asked by the Yankees to stay away from their recent series in Boston after critical comments he made to Sports Illustrated about Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte, as well as a handful of fellow Hall of Famers, became public. Team sources said Monday with the media scrutiny already a part of any Yankees-Red Sox series, the organization didn't want Jackson to be "a distraction."

Jackson said before Monday's Home Run Derby that he expected to be back soon.

"[I'm] not banned, I'm not suspended, I still have a great relationship with the Yankees, which I appreciate very much," he said. "I look forward to getting back and doing my job very soon."

Before Tuesday night's All-Star Game, Derek Jeter said he had not spoken to Jackson yet and politely declined to discuss the situation.