STAMFORD, Conn. -- The Yankees' offseason has lacked major fireworks, and general manager Brian Cashman doesn't expect that to change at the winter meetings, which begin Monday in Nashville, Tenn.

"We've never been a big winter meetings doer," he said Sunday. "We're always trying to do, but we've never really matched up too much in my history here. We'll keep trying, but we don't want to get into the mentality of 'you have to do something' because that mentality is when you make a mistake. I've been down that track before. You live and you learn."

Cashman's top priority this offseason was to solidify his pitching staff, and he believes he accomplished that by re-signing Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda to one-year deals.

"The bottom line is these guys have age, but they're more than capable," Cashman said. "So I feel really good about our pitching. You always want to continue to reinforce it and give yourself depth, but young or old, it doesn't matter, it has to produce."

Cashman isn't totally risk-averse, as he showed Sunday night by rappelling down the 22-story Landmark Building along with Bobby Valentine. It was the third year Cashman has participated in Stamford's Heights and Lights Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony.

The event gave Cashman a few moments away from the non-stop rumors of the hot stove season. "Santa is just wishing me to deliver another quality championship-caliber run, not anything specific," Cashman said. "No suggestions. I get a lot of those, though, so I think Santa's gift to me is not a suggestion because I've heard enough."

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Most of those suggestions have focused on how to replace starting catcher Russell Martin, who signed a two-year, $17-million contract with the Pirates, and addressing the unsettled situation in rightfield. Nick Swisher likely will leave in free agency and Ichiro Suzuki has drawn interest from other teams.

"Right now, I'm down an everyday outfielder, whether it's Swisher or Ichiro, whoever you want to pick, and then our starting catcher," Cashman said. "So our offense has taken a hit."

Cashman said the pressure to win hasn't changed. "The bottom line is we have to put a team out that can win a division and get to the playoffs," he said. "We've been good at that, but we try to take a run at the world championship every year. So we've done that and we have to continue doing that, but it's always a challenge. It's the same old pressure every year. It doesn't matter. The names change, the teams are different. The effort and the interest of accomplishing the last team standing is always the same."