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Brian McCann will have an MRI to find reason for foot pain

Brian McCann of the New York Yankees hits

Brian McCann of the New York Yankees hits an RBI single against the Oakland Athletics during the first inning at Coliseum on May 30, 2015 in Oakland, Calif. Credit: Getty Images / Jason O. Watson

SEATTLE - Brian McCann sounded like a player hoping for the best news, but not expecting to hear it.

After grounding out in the second inning, the catcher was removed from Wednesday's game against the Mariners with "soreness" in his right foot and will undergo an MRI Thursday in New York.

McCann spoke in a quiet tone in the clubhouse after the Yankees' 3-1 victory about a discomfort that cropped up May 24 against the Rangers at the Stadium. It forced him from that game in the ninth inning, but it's been something he'd been able to deal with.

Up until Wednesday.

"It just didn't go away," McCann said. "It stayed at the bottom of my foot and crept up to my calf. It's where I had a hard time putting weight on it."

While he feels it in his calf, McCann said the primary area of pain is the bottom of the foot, felt most pronouncedly when he gets in the crouch position.

"It's something on the bottom of my foot," he said. "Maybe in the arch area."

The 31-year-old, oddly, has enjoyed his hottest stretch of the season at the plate since first feeling the injury May 24, posting a .348/.464/.870 slash line with four homers and eight RBIs in eight games entering Wednesday.

"It just comes up when I'm catching," he said.

The pain McCann described could be any number of things, of course, including plantar fasciitis which, according to, is caused by straining the ligament that supports the foot's arch.

Asked if he was worried about the ailment keeping him out for a while, McCann didn't have a reassuring answer.

"I really hope not," he said.

For his part, Joe Girardi said "there's always a concern" when a player gets inserted into an MRI tube.

"You get in and things can sometimes show up that you don't even know you have," Girardi said.

"But he's been managing it for two weeks and managing it pretty good. So that's what I expect. We'll have to manage it a while."

John Ryan Murphy, who went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts Wednesday, would assume, at least in the short term, everyday catching duties if McCann is DL-bound or out for a sustained period.

"He's the starter so we need him, the team needs him," Murphy said. "So I'm hoping that MRI comes back good."

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