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Burnett takes up space on playoff roster

We can't make a great case for Ivan Nova (1-2, 4.50) being on the ALDS roster against the Twins--unless the alternative is A.J. Burnett (10-15, 5.26).  That turns out to be the case.

Burnett does not figure to get a start and the Yankees are in big trouble if he's needed in relief. That means somebody has gotten injured or was shelled. In either case, I'd still take Nova, who doesn't yet pitch as well as his body language suggests, but is an upgrade over Burnett, who may have some more ugly tricks in his repertoire. 

We saw Burnett's brain-drain in Boston last week when he let a runner score from third while arguing with an umpire.  Add that to his still unexplained black eye, injury to himself  on Oldtimers' Day and miserable record and why is he still somewhere in the plans?

It is possible the Yankees figured that if he left him off the roster he would be no good to them going forward.

That's a giant  leap of faith. 



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