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Busy day in Tampa and Fort Myers

The man has about zero chance of capturing the fifth spot in the rotation but to be fair -- and, yes, it's still very early on to say this -- but which of the candidates has looked better than Sergio Mitre?

“I do feel a lot better right now,” said Mitre, who underwent Tommy John surgery in the summer of 2008 and served a 50-game suspension at the start of last season for testing positive for a banned substance. “Just to have that offseason I didn’t have last year. I do feel stronger right now. Everything’s clicking pretty good right now.”

Mitre said he's not looking closely at what the other contenders for the spot are doing.

"I look at it as a friendly rivalry," Mitre said. "Each one of us is going to do whatever we can in the spring to try and see what happens. At the end of spring we’ll see where we stand."

*** Chad Gaudin wasn't as crisp as in his first outing, allowing three runs and three hits in two innings.

"It’s the second game," Gaudin said. "Everyone’s getting their feet wet and getting back into the rhythm of things and it is what it is."

Waiting for the day something is what it isn't...

Anyway, Gaudin, like Mitre, isn't worried about what the other pitchers are doing. 

"You want to focus on the task at hand out there competing on the field, that’s how you win jobs," Gaudin said. "You don’t win it any other way than getting outs on the field. I want everyone to do well. But I just focus on what I have to do. That’s enough as opposed to figuring out what the other four guys [are doing]."

*** Andy Pettitte threw a two-inning simulated game (36 pitches) at Steinbrenner Field, facing Colin Curtis and Randy Winn.

"I felt good," Pettitte told reporters. "Last year I did this, and to me it's good to break it in. I can make this pretty real even though it's a simulated game. It's good for me, I think, for my first start."

*** Girardi spoke to Francisco Cervelli Sunday and the catcher told him that he was feeling just fine.

But Girardi will still take things slowly. 

Cervelli saw the Yankees physician in Tampa, Dr. Andrew Boyer, Sunday and will visit with a neurologist Monday.

“Tomorrow’s a big test for him to see how he’s doing,” Girardi said after the Yankees’ loss to the Twins in Fort Myers. 

Girardi said he knows players will often in the case of injuries not be completely honest with a manager or coach and that he'll address that topic Monday. 

“I will do that tomorrow,” Girardi said. “And I want to hear what the neurologist says before I make any decisions.”

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