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Career home run list(s)

Baseball does not recognize, it, of course, but fans may believe there are two lists of home run hitters in major league baseball. Those not suspected of using performance enhancing drugs, and those who were. Using 550 career home runs as a baseline, let's check out the names and numbers on both sides of the list. You may want to call it the official and artificial list. 

Non-PED                                                   Suspected/admitted  PED   

Hank Aaron 755                                      Barry Bonds 762

Babe Ruth  714                                       Sammy Sosa    609

Willie Mays  660                                      Alex Rodriguez  599

Ken Griffey Jr. 630                                  Mark McGwire      583

Frank Robinson 586                              Rafael Palmeiro 569

Jim Thome    576                                    Manny Ramirez   554

Harmon Killebrew 573

Reggie Jackson 563

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