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Carpenter building intrigue

This is a ways off, but worth mentioning for a Yankees team that will look for starting pitching anywhere it can find it.  

Cardinals' righthander Chris Carpenter, nearly 36, is in the final year of his $63.5 million deal. St. Louis holds an option for 2012 but at a staggering $15 million.

Retaining Albert Pujols is certainly the Cards' priority, so Carpenter may  be unaffordable.    

You say don't  want to wait until next season?

Ok, this is what you hope for the short term:

The Cardinals have a terrible first half (but Carpenter pitches well) and are way behind by the All-Star Break. That makes them sellers as the trading deadline approaches. Carpenter becomes available. 

The Yankees then come into play. Prospects go, Carpenter arrives. Just like with Cliff Lee last year. Yeah, simple only in theory.

Just something to keep in mind as the Yankees try to get by with a makeshift rotation. 

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