ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Brian Cashman said the people with whom Alex Rodriguez associates in public are none of his or the Yankees' business.

And Major League Baseball agrees.

According to a published report Thursday, A-Rod's cousin, Yuri Sucart, who supplied the then-Rangers shortstop with performance-enhancing drugs -- the infamous "boli" -- from 2001-03, has been on several Yankees trips this season.

The Daily News reported Sucart, banned by the Yankees from any team function or facility in 2009, has been spotted at hotels where the Yankees stay, including this week in San Francisco. All of which seemed to draw a shrug from the general manager.

"We don't control public areas," Cashman said by phone from his Yankee Stadium office Thursday morning. "All I can tell you is nothing with the Yankees has been compromised.

"It's not an issue."

Patrick Courtney, senior vice president of public relations for Major League Baseball, told Newsday Thursday morning that MLB will "look into the matter." It has no authority to make rules about associating in public facilities, so the investigation didn't take long.

"The Yankees have assured me that the prohibition on access to controlled areas is in place and has been respected," MLB executive vice president of player relations Rob Manfred said Thursday in an e-mail to Newsday.

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Later in the afternoon, Courtney said in an interview: "We're satisfied with what the Yankees told us in that this individual is not getting access to restricted areas or team-specific areas."

Sucart is free to buy a ticket at any stadium.

"I understand people wanting to ask,'' Cashman said, "but us legislating who he can associate with in public, that's not going to happen."

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He does not draw the line from A (Sucart) to B (PED use) that some seem to be drawing.

"I know Alex has been through a tornado of stuff I know he doesn't want to go through again, so I trust that's not the case and none of that stuff is going on," Cashman said of further PED use. "I'm not worried about that aspect of it."

As for how the story looks, he wasn't concerned about that, either.

"I understand it's newsworthy because of the past, but you have to move past the past," the GM said. "He's smart enough to know what he should be doing and I trust that's taken place.

"What his relationship is with family members in a public setting isn't my business or the Yankees' business . . . If it's a family member he loves, then it's none of our business. Yuri Sucart will be his cousin for life, presumably his friend for life. It's none of my business."

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With Ken Davidoff