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Cashman clarifies: Jeter is our shortstop

The Yankees and Derek Jeter are expected to

The Yankees and Derek Jeter are expected to hold a press conference Tuesday to formally announce an agreement. Photo Credit: John Dunn

Clarifying earlier comments he made at a breakfast Q&A with fans, Brian Cashman on Tuesday told Newsday he doesn’t plan to move Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter to the outfield.

“No, he’s our shortstop,” Cashman said in a telephone interview. “Do we have any plan on moving him to the outfield? No.”

Earlier, at a WFAN breakfast hosted by Mike Francesa, Cashman said he answered a hypothetical question about which position Jeter would be more suited to play if he moves off shortstop. Cashman said he feels Jeter would be better as an outfielder than a third baseman.

“I guess it was one of those, ‘You have to be there,’ “ Cashman told Newsday. “The question was, ‘Do you see Jeter finishing his career at shortstop.’ The answer was, ‘Yes, I hope so, but if you hear Mike on the radio he always talks about Jeter going to third and A-Rod going to DH. So he said, ‘Do you see that happening, and my response to that was, ‘I don’t think so. I think his athletic ability will take him more to the outfield. I have a belief a corner infield needs power.’ That was it. ”

This is not the first time this offseason that Cashman has walked back his comments. A few weeks ago one newspaper’s website reported that Cashman said Andy Pettitte might join the Yankees in the middle of the season.

Cashman said he either misspoke or was misunderstood and the newspaper pulled the story off its website.

As for Tuesday’s Jeter comments, Cashman has been consistent in saying he’s not sure if Jeter will be able to play shortstop for all four years of the contract Jeter signed in December. (The deal is for three years guaranteed for $51 million with Jeter holding a player option for the fourth year at $8 million.)

But as for now, Cashman said, “There is no issue with him going anywhere, but I was asked if I would be inclined to move him to third in the future and Alex to DH. I said I think his athletic abilities translate more to the outfield.”


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