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Cashman on Cliff Lee: `I had him'

General manager Brian Cashman is still being asked to explain why the Yankees did not land Cliff Lee from the Mariners last July.

``Oh, I had him," Cashman told the Seattle Times. The Yankees were going to deal top catching prospect Jesus Montero, pitcher Zach Mallister and infielder David Adams for Lee last July. Adams had an injury and Seattle wanted to restructure the deal. Cashman refused.

``The medicals didn't work out,’’ Cashman said, ``so they (the Mariners) jumped off, and Texas jumped in…It is what it is. You don't have a deal until you officially have a deal. Our guy, Adams, didn't pass the medicals. They went back to the original stuff I had been saying no to all along."  Seattle may have asked for Ivan Nova as a substitute.

Cashman said he had no regrets because Lee could have turned out to be a two-month rental. The Yankees went  hard after Lee a a free agent, but the lefthander signed with the Phillies.

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