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Cashman prefers faster pace


Last night came and went without any concrete offers for Cliff Lee and Brian Cashman, speaking to reporters after Derek Jeter's press conference in Tampa, expressed his frustration with the pace of all things relating to the ace lefthander.

As a free agent, they dictate the pace and we have to go [to] their dance step," Cashman said. "If they're willing to take one and they're ready to close something out, I'm willing to get serious," he said. "But we're just waiting for them to get to that position."

Joe Girardi, who will meet with reporters again here at Disney at the manager's luncheon, stated the obviously about Lee.

"I think any manager would love to manage Cliff Lee," Girardi said. "He's a great pitcher and obviously there's been a lot of talk about how he is on our radar screen, and there's no question that he is."

Girardi differed from Cashman somewhat in making it sound as if getting Lee was more a "must" than a "want." Cashman said Monday "I already have a No. 1," meaning CC Sabathia. Girardi was more blunt about the state of the rotation beyond Sabathia.

"I think we need to add to our rotation, I do," Girardi said. "Because you look at our rotation the way it exists today, we really only have four starters and one of them is Ivan Nova at this point. So we're looking at is as we need to add to our rotation, it's something that we need to build again." 


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