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Cashman quiet on Park...for now

With not all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted (and Chan Ho Park having not yet passed his physical), Brian Cashman wasn’t in position to confirm the Park signing.

“I can admit that I’ve had several conversation with Jeff Borris, who represents Chan Ho Park, and that’s, at this particular moment, as far as I can comment," Cashman said this morning in the clubhouse. "But obviously there’s a process in trying to sign a player and there’s a lot of steps in that process.”

Speaking generally about Park, Cashman said: “He’s very attractive, especially what he does out of the bullpen. He’s got a good arm. We saw it in the World Series. But other than that there’s not much more for me to say at this point other than to admit that I’ve been engaged with Jeff Borris for quite some time.”

Cashman said the theoretical move wasn’t a reflection of the Yankees’ current bullpen.

“I think we have a terrific bullpen,” he said.


“The more the merrier. You can never have enough [pitching].” 

It’s an odd situation, of course, with Cashman not able to confirm a signing that Park already announced in a news conference earlier Monday morning in Seoul. At that press conference, Park said he chose the Yankees over the Cubs.

"Until last night, I was leaning toward the Cubs," he said. "But I wanted to play for a champion-caliber team this year again. I am not certain how much longer I will play baseball, but it will be huge experience and memory to play with the Yankees.''


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