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Cashman to Pettitte: Don't Brett Favre us

Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has still not given

Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has still not given the team an answer about whether he will return for the 2011 season. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Brian Cashman spoke at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast this morning in Connecticut and, according to reports, the general manager told the gathering that he'd like Andy Pettitte back in the rotation.

"Being from Texas and having to be in New York for six months out of the year can be hard because he has kids and he's missing important time with them,'' Cashman said. ``He's opting not to play right now but that might change, it might not. I told him, ‘Don't Brett Favre us. You got to be all in and fully dedicated to play.' Do I need him? I need him, but I don't want him to play if his heart's not in it."

Randy Hendricks, Pettitte's agent, has not returned calls seeking comment on his client's intentions. 

About a week ago, Pettitte was interviewed by the New York Post at his home in Texas. Pettitte said, "I'm just chilling out, hanging. I'm relaxing. If I had something, y'all would know. If I knew exactly what I was doing, y'all would know."

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