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CC's rider: Follow the money

CC Sabathia has made it clear during his baseball career that he will go where the money is.

When he talks about a city, one has to take his words with a grain of salt. ``Everybody knows how I feel about this place and this organization and this city,” Sabathia was quoted.

That was 2008 and he was talking about Cleveland. A four-year, $75 million offer could not hold him and the Indians traded him to the Brewers.

Sabathia also liked Milwaukee, but not enough to accept a seven-year, $125 million contract to remain there.

Sabathia told Dodgers general manager, Ned Colletti, that he wanted to be a Dodger while gauging interest from the  Angels and Giants. But no team came close to the $141 million the Yankees were offering. And that was sitting on the table for about a month.

So, Sabathia came to New York in 2009. He spent the first two seasons saying how much he liked New York.

That should have been the tell.

He still likes it here, but he’s raised the possibility of opting out after the season. If there is a better offer out there, presumably he will take it.

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