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CC throws two scoreless innings in debut

CC Sabathia gave up two hits to the Tigers Monday in his first spring training start. The Yankees lost, 6-2.

How about his contract situation?.

Sabathia ignited the topic of conversation that is likley to be raised over and over during the season when he did not deny the possibility of opting out of his contract  after the 2011 season.

It was the first time Sabathia opened the door to making himself eligible for free agency.

Sabathia will earn $23 million this season. Last year, he was 21-7 with a 3.18 earned run average. It was his first 20-win season in the big leagues. He pitched 237 2/3 innings and struck out 197 batters.

Unless they depart from policy, the Yankees are not expected to negotiate with Sabathia during the season.


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