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Cliff Lee: Yankees' fans treatment of his wife a non-issue

Toward the end of his press conference here this afternoon Cliff Lee was asked about some comments his wife made in a USA Today article regarding the shoddy treatment she and some other family members of Rangers players received during Game 3 at Yankee Stadium.

" I brush that off as fans being fans," Lee said. "You can't control 50,000 people and what they're going to do. There were some people that were spitting off the balcony on the family section and things like that, and that's kind of weak, but what can you do? You can't control 50,000 people. Some people get a little alcohol in them and act inappropriate. But it is what it is. There's so many people there you can't control them all. I know it's been made into a big deal, but that's really all it is, just two or three or four people just acting like fools, and 50,000, you can't group them all together. But there's always going to be a couple goofballs in the crowd that think they have a right to do that stuff. But it is what it is."

Would what happened have any impact on his decision this winter? 

"No, I don't know the guy that did it," he said. "It could be anyone. Who knows? Who cares?"

 Lee then smiled.

"They're [those fans] at home right now," he said to laughter. 


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