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Could Berkman's first weekend have been the worst for a Yankee... ever?

New York Yankees first baseman Lance Berkman misplays

New York Yankees first baseman Lance Berkman misplays a ground ball hit by Tampa Bay Rays' Jason Bartlett during the fourth inning. (Aug. 1, 2010) Credit: AP

To say Lance Berkman's first two games with the Yankees was bad would be doing the former Astro a grave injustice. Pardon the pun, but it was without a doubt astronomically poor:

- One hit in eight at bats

- A misplay at first base that yielded all three of the Rays runs in their 3-0 victory on Sunday.

- Berkman on the verge of tears... on multiple occasions. Just ask Andy Petitte:

“I told Andy that several times over the last day and a half I’ve been about to burst into tears. Literally, the emotion is incredible. I haven’t experienced anything like that. There’s a sadness there. It’s just weird. I’m thrilled to be here, this is a great opportunity, it’s not that."

So, it begs the question... have we already seen that New York is too much for Berkman. Is he just not ready for, as he already stated, "the sadness" and "the emotion".

Will his arrival in the Bronx turn into something of the ilk of Randy Johnson's stay by the Grand Concourse?

Well, no need to beat the drum any further on Berkman's horrid weekend. His 0-4 debut and three earned runs on Sunday alredy speak to that. The question we now pose is, in recent memory -- or all-time memory, is Berkman's first two games the worst for a Yankee?

What other players debuts rival that in poorness of Berkman's? Off the field, Johnson's arrival in New York. Hard to top that.

But how about on the field? There was Pudge Rodriguez's debut in 2008? But how bout some others? Let the debate begin.

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