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Damon now Johnny Rotten in Boston

The Boston media is all over Johnny Damon for turning down the Red Sox to remain in Detroit.

A sampling:

Michael Silverman, Boston Herald: 

``Leave it to the original Idiot to make a decision that left nearly everyone in baseball scratching their heads. The allure of spending the rest of his summer in Detroit proved irresistible to Johnny Damon.''

  Dan Shaugnessy, Boston Globe:

``So it's official: He really is an idiot. I say this with no malice and all due respect. "Idiot,'' you must remember, was the title of Johnny Damon's 2005 best-selling autobiography. ... In Johnny's world, "idiot'' is a term of endearment. That said, his decision to stay with the Tigers is downright idiotic ... or there is some larger force at work.''

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