DETROIT -- A few hours before Wednesday night's scheduled first pitch, Eduardo Nuñez's cell phone rang, just as it had about the same time a night before. It was Derek Jeter.

The Yankees captain may not be physically present for the ALCS, but that hasn't stopped him from dispensing advice to Nuñez, his replacement on the roster.

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"He's helped me a lot, given me a lot of support," Nuñez said after Game 4 was postponed Wednesday night. "He knew I was playing tonight. He told me 'It's just another game.' "

It's the same basic message Jeter relayed to Nuñez before Game 3 Tuesday night, when Joe Girardi put him into the starting lineup. "It's big," said Nuñez, who homered in Game 3. "It's nice to have a guy like Jeter. They take care of you. It's very special to me."

Jeter will have surgery Saturday on his broken left ankle.

Said Nuñez: "He's doing great."