TAMPA -- Derek Jeter, looking healthy, showed up in the Yankee clubhouse shortly before 9 a.m. and proclaimed himself recovered from a one-day illness that had caused him to be sent home from camp on Thursday.

"I think I had food poisoning,’’ Jeter said. "I didn’t have the flu.’’

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Jeter said he became ill after eating shellfish at a local restaurant. "I’m not gonna give you details, I’m sure you can figure it out,’’ he said. "I’m good now.’’

With outdoor work cancelled due to heavy rain, Jeter -- who did not make the abortive trip to Vieira for yesterday’’s rained-out game against the Nationals -- took part in stretching drills and hit in the indoor cage. He will be part of the split squad travelling to Lakeland for Saturday’s game against the Tigers.