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Derek Jeter souvenirs? They're everywhere at Fenway Park

Fenway Park souvenir stores are full of Derek

Fenway Park souvenir stores are full of Derek Jeter merchandise as the Yankees captain concludes his 20-year MLB career against the Boston Red Sox on Sept. 27 and 28. Credit: Newsday / Mark La Monica

BOSTON -- The chanting of Derek Jeter's name at Fenway Park this weekend is not the only show of appreciation for the retiring Yankees shortstop.

Behind those seats from where fans chanted "De-rek Je-ter" were multiple forms of Jeter merchandise on sale.

At Fenway Park.

Home of the Red Sox.


But there are dollars to be made, and plenty of them with a $45 T-shirt from 47 Brand that commemorates Fenway Park's hosting of Jeter's final games. At just about every souvenir shop inside Fenway Park, there were other Jeter items, including the "I Did It My Way" shirt with Jeter's No. 2, the traditional Jeter T-shirt with his number on the back that sells everywhere around Yankee Stadium. They went for $35. The Derek Jeter foam fingers in pink and navy blue could also be purchased for those looking for a little keepsake of history.

That's inside.

Outside, there were similar items of devotion, including Jeter paintings on large canvases and a Boston baseball magazine with the face of the Yankees on the cover.

The 47 Brand is based in Massachusetts with an office across the street from Fenway. Those shirts and hats were delivered quickly and easily.

The other memorabilia came from New York. Two people working at separate shops inside Fenway said they went to Yankee Stadium and acquired whatever they could that was left after Thursday night's memorable walk-off win in the Bronx.

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