Good Morning
Good Morning

Down with the Trop

OK, you actually hear that more out of the Rays' clubhouse than anywhere else but there have been two straight strange nights at Tropicana Field. Monday night brought the 18-minute "rain delay" when a lightening strike nearby knocked out a bank of lights on the first-base side.

No catwalks came into play Tuesday night -- though one did on a foul ball earlier in the game -- but the roof did.

It happened in the key seventh inning when Curtis Granderson lost Justin Ruggiano's fly to medium center. 

"Just missed it," Granderson said. "It went up and I lost it right away, picked it back up and right when it was on the way back down I couldn't find it. Just one of those things. It ended up disappearing in the top of the roof." 

Joe Girardi was diplomatic in his discussion of the dome afterward.

"There's some interesting things that happen with the catwalks and some balls sometimes hit the lights," Girardi said. "That's the tricky part. It doesn't happen very often but you have to deal with it. Both teams have to deal with it." 

The Rays more than anyone else, playing 81 times here. Just about everyone with the Rays have used the facility as reason for why the team needs a new stadium, the head cheerleader being manager Joe Maddon. But not Tuesday night.

"I've made good with the Trop," Maddon said according to the postgame quote sheet, and you can almost picture him smiling as he said it. "I did last year. We're good buddies again and it worked in our favor tonight. We're deserving of a break I think. We'll take it." 

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