ARLINGTON, Texas - Rangers lefthander C.J. Wilson, who starts Game 1 against the Yankees tonight,was quite the cut-up during his news conference Thursday at Rangers Ballpark. A sampling:

Q. Can you talk about the influence of Cliff Lee?

WILSON: Well, actually, before he was here, I was actually a righthanded second baseman.

Q. You have always expressed a great desire to be a great impact pitcher, maximize your impact for this team. Game 1, CC Sabathia, Ballpark in Arlington, is this what you're hoping, expecting, dreaming for?

WILSON: The shortest answer I can give you is yes.

Q. Following up on that, I know it's you against their hitters, but do you find yourself saying, matchups, going against CC?

WILSON: Not so much. If it was Halladay or Lincecum, I would be thinking about what I need to do to hit that breaking ball or changeup or whatever. I don't face him.

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Yeah, his uniform is much bigger than mine and his feet are much larger than mine, but I'm not trying to fill his shoes and get his hitters out.

Q. Throughout the Division Series against Tampa, you, your teammates, all pretty much said that the history of the club in not having won a postseason series meant nothing to you. But in the wake of winning it, everybody seemed to indicate that it had been a pretty big deal. Is overcoming the Yankees a big deal?

WILSON: Getting to the World Series is a big deal. Winning the World Series is a big deal. Everything is a big deal. That's why you guys are all here watching us and asking us silly questions.