CC Sabathia's lobbying abilities apparently aren't ready for Washington, D.C.'s K Street.

After throwing 27 pitches in two innings before Friday night's ALDS Game 1 was suspended with the score 1-1, the lefthander said he planned to press his case to Joe Girardi about pitching Sunday's Game 2.

After the game was suspended, Girardi said scheduled Game 3 starter Freddy Garcia will start Sunday, with Sabathia likely to go in Game 3 against Justin Verlander Monday night in Detroit.

Asked Friday about bringing back Sabathia for Sunday's game, Girardi said no. "I don't think that's the right thing to do," he said.

Before Saturday night's resumption of Game 1, Girardi said he spoke to Sabathia late Friday night and laid out his plans. "I told him what I was thinking," Girardi said. "I was thinking, let's look at Monday, and if you're not ready to go on Monday, you can go on Tuesday. Let's physically see how you are. Ask him to go Sunday, he threw pitches, he warmed up. Yes, guys will do a bullpen and then start two days later, but it will be a light bullpen. That's much more than a light bullpen."

The concern is that even a pitcher as durable as Sabathia, who threw a team-high 2371/3 innings this season, could put too much stress on his left arm. "It's just too much," Girardi said. "You don't want to send a guy out there if he's not as good physically as he can be."

Sabathia could be available out of the bullpen Thursday if a fifth game is necessary.

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When asked Friday night if he planned to lobby Girardi to pitch today, Sabathia said, "Sure. If that means I get the ball as many times as possible, I'm all for it."

On Saturday, however, the Yankees were not.