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Girardi and Posada's "foolish" mistake

It is rare, really rare, for Joe Girardi to criticize one of his players in public. That's what made his choice of words after Tuesday night's loss stand out.

The Yankees made two bad base-running mistakes -- one by Robinson Cano and one by Jorge Posada. Both came in the sixth inning.

Girardi left no doubt which one bothered him more and, truth be told, Posada's was more of a blunder. Still...

“You hate to make foolish outs,” Girardi said.

He added later when asked about it again: "You can’t go there. Bottom line is you can’t go there. I talked to him about it and we’ll leave it at that.”

Posada said there was “no need to talk about it” with Girardi, but acknowledged the mistake. 

“I messed up,” Posada said. “They weren’t really paying attention to me, I thought I could get into scoring position for Andruw. You don’t want to make mistakes. It just happened today.”

Cano's error came when he essentially stopped running when a pitch skittered away, though not all that far, from catcher Alex Avila. It came with Posada at the plate.

"His decision to stop was not a good decision," Girardi said.

Cano was harder on himself.

“I should have kept running,” Cano said. “He [Avila] might have hesitated or thrown the ball away...Those are the kinds of mistakes you learn from so you don't make them again."

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