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Girardi no fan of Guthrie

Joe Girardi added a little spice to tomorrow night's series finale as, after tonight's game, he expressed some frustration with Jeremy Guthrie hitting Jorge Posada and knocking him from the game.

“I really don’t think you’re trying to lead off an inning by hitting a guy,” Girardi said last night. “I don’t think he’s doing it purpose but he hits a lot of people and it’s frustrating for us. We know he’s going to pitch inside and I don’t have a problem pitching inside but, what do you expect? Me to be happy our guys are getting plunked? I’m frustrated by it. I wish he had better command.”

Posada  stayed in the game, clearly laboring but still scoring on Nick Swisher’s two-run triple that helped the Yankees to a three-run inning and a 5-0 lead. But Posada did not come out to catch in the bottom half of the inning, leaving with a right knee contusion.

“I tried to stay in there but it was too painful,” Posada said.

No X-rays were needed and Posada said the primary concern was to get the swelling down.

“No, I’m not going to have to go on the DL,” he said. “Nothing’s broken, nothing’s damaged…get here tomorrow and see how it feels.”

Guthrie, you'll remember, hit Mark Teixiera in the elbow in a spring training game March 29 that caused him to miss several games and later in the same game hit Cervelli, which instigated Girardi to shout and gesture at the pitcher from the dugout.

Girardi said some things after that game relating to Guthrie and those comments were more or less thrown back at Girardi April 2 in the Yankees' final spring training game, which was against the Orioles. After Mariano Rivera hit the Oriole’s Felix Pie, some chatter from the Baltimore dugout – amounting to “your pitchers hit guys too” – caused Rivera to step off the mound.

Girardi felt that chatter was in response to his critical remarks about Guthrie after the March 29 game.

But if Girardi was concerned about bothering the Orioles before tomorrow night's game, it didn’t show, though he went a long way from tearing into Guthrie, a pitcher Derekl Jeter called “effectively wild.”

“I’m not going to going to tell Guthrie how to pitch, he’s going to pitch the way’s he’s going pitch and I respect him,” Girardi said. “I like our guys to pitch inside but, as I said, when our guys are getting plunked I’m not going to be happy about it because we don’t have Posada probably tomorrow. We missed Tex for a few days in spring training. If it was during the season we would have lost Tex for maybe three or four days. I’m not criticizing Jeremy Guthrie, I’m just saying I’m frustrated by it.”

The Yankees look to take two of three tomorrow night as it will be A.J. Burnett (2-0, 3.20) taking on Brian Matusz (2-0, 4.38).

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