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Girardi not bothered by contract status

Asked if it was unfair for a manager that won a World Series to be in the final year of his contract without an extension, Joe Girardi said it was not.

"As far as it being unfair pressure, no," he said. "I’ve said all along I’m one of 30 guys that has a job in the big leagues as a manager. I consider myself pretty fortunate actually because I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been a manager and not a manager for a year and it’s a lot better when you have a contract, so I feel pretty good about that. As far as the pressure, the pressure comes from within. I want to win this year just as badly as I wanted to win last year and the year before. So that pressure comes from within, and you learn to deal with it. It’s something I’ve been dealing with ever since I was a player. I’ve been on the last year of a contract as a player, I didn’t really worry about it, and I really believe that’s where your faith comes in. I believe God has me in this position today for a reason and He’s always led me to a position."

Girardi, of course, really doesn't have much reason to be worried about his job security. He's liked by the right people in the organization -- meaning Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Brian Cashman -- and, barring some kind of unforseen disastrous season, will remain that way, regardless of whether the Yankees win it all in 2010.

Derek Jeter's contract will naturally demand more attention than Girardi's and the shortstop plans to address the situation once -- and only once! -- during the spring, probably sometime next week. Jorge Posada said even if the topic comes up again, which it will, it won't be a distraction to Jeter.

“No problem,” Posada said Wednesday morning. “I don’t think he’ll have any problems. Derek wants to come play. He’s got a year left and he’s going to honor that contract and he’s not going to talk about it. He’s probably going to talk to you guys once about it and that’s it, knowing him. It’s not going to affect him at all. He’s happy here so hopefully we can get something done so he can stay. He belongs here.”

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