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Good Morning

Girardi not in panic mode regarding Rivera

After the game Joe Girardi didn't say there was no concern regarding Mariano Rivera, but he also didn't sound as alarmed as one might think about the closer pulling out of the All-Star game.

“He’s a little physically beat up but a lot of our guys are,” Girardi said. “I was trying to stay away from him tonight because we used him two days in a row [Sunday and Monday], but he told me if we needed him, he was OK.”

Girardi said later: “I think the four days off [at the All-Star break] will help him a lot.”

Girardi described Rivera's ailments as "nagging injuries," that will be monitored. He expects to be able to go to Rivera this point as necessary, though you have to wonder if, say, the Yankees lead 4-1 going into the ninth one night in Seattle if Girardi might turn elsewhere.

“A blow to Mo would be really concerning to us, obviously,” Girardi said. “So it’s something we monitor, I talk to the trainers every day and like I said, we were trying to stay away from him today, but if I needed him, he said he was available. But it is something you will monitor.”

*** The Alex Rodriguez/Dallas Braden spat appears to be headed for a happy ending. Braden sent over to the Yankees clubhouse a personalized poster commemorating his perfect game as well as a signed a "Get Off My Mound" T-shirt. Rodriguez sent over 10 signed "mound" T-shirts that Braden will sign, with those shirts then being given to charity, a suggestion made by Girardi on Monday. 

"It's all good," Rodriguez said. "We opened and closed that window and it's all good."  

*** The Yankees go for the sweep tomorrow night as A.J. Burnett (6-7, 4.90) takes on Gio Gonzalez (7-5, 3.50).

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